Printed and Digital Invitations

In addition to Avfuel’s proprietary event management systems, you have access to Avfuel’s copywriting and design resources.  We can fully develop a unique invitation for you as well as assist with its distribution.

Proprietary Event Management

Mobile Friendly Platforms

Your guests will have access to a streamlined, functional rsvp system.  Your staff will be able to view rsvps or check in a guest at anytime right from their smartphone.

Unique Planning Processes

Special storyboards are used to illustrate the event process from pre-event press to script writing for your Grand Opening speech.

Budget and Time Management

Avfuel can help optimize budget and negotiate on your behalf with vendors.  We can also provide full vendor management.  We’ve developed many partnerships with reliable and cost efficient companies through the years.

Extensive Event Management Expertise

Avfuel marketers are experts in event management. Whether you’re opening a new hangar or toasting to a New Year, Avfuel has the resources and know-how to pull off a party that makes you the talk of the industry. Let Avfuel staff handle your arrangements from food and décor to entertainment and the guest list. With exceptional design skills, Avfuel marketers can create and distribute the invitations, while in-house copywriting puts together a press release. Whatever you need, Avfuel has it covered.