More than

a supplier of fuel

Before we tell you who we are, let us tell you what we are not.

Avfuel is not robotic, rigid, passive. We’re never boring! Our dedicated team adopts a more personal approach, working collaboratively to solve issues, answer questions and plan for the future.

Avfuel is.. a team of dedicated professionals— attentive, proactive, authentic, intentional advocates who actually answer the phone, respond to emails and get out in the trenches to determine the challenges of doing business in our industry. We are the right people: passionate about our work, committed to aviation and in it for the long haul.

Avfuel is not sitting back, expecting planes to drop out of the sky and land at your FBO.

Avfuel is about effective effort—working with flight departments to drive traffic to your FBO, on your ramp and in your hangar.

Facilitating Increased Sales
We are an extension of your salesforce with experts in the field working with operators around the globe

Keeping Pilots In The Network
Creating loyal customers who return again and again while giving you a tool to maximize revenue per transaction

Avfuel is not a ‘generic marketer’.

We are a devoted team of experienced industry personnel who are out in the field, meeting with customers, understanding the industry and developing marketing blueprints that are aligned with your sales goals.

Avfuel is Marci Ammerman, vice president of marketing, and her marketing team creating projects with a purpose, ultimately resulting in heightened visibility and exposure for your facility and the creation of effective, original solutions.

Avfuel is not a ‘fuel order desk’.

Fuel is important—we get that. It’s why we are comprised of logistics and supply veterans who are constantly looking at ways to deliver fuel by the most economical and reliable means possible.

Avfuel is… Ben Spence, logistics manager, and his dispatch team working with terminals and transportation companies, and monitoring weather and events to ensure you get your fuel AHEAD of when you need it. In this way, Avfuel’s not just a company, but a group of dedicated individuals working for you and your best interest.

Avfuel is not a proponent of outsourcing support to third parties. We prefer to offer all our services in-house for more effective, collaborative customer-care. We are always asking, “How can we help make it easier?” and are constantly looking at ways to support FBO operations:

Avfuel is your…

Training Provider

Turnover difficult to handle? We created comprehensive training systems for fuel safety, rampside procedures and customer service to ensure you exceed industry standards.

Front Desk Solution

The Avfuel Hub, Avfuel’s web-based processing system, along with the Avfuel Pro Card, centralizes and streamlines the sale of fuel, products and services at your FBO.

Part Supplier/Advisor

Need a new filter? We have experts on staff to diagnose your issue along with a vast parts inventory at our 30,000 square foot equipment shop.

Well-Connected Industry Partner

Want to know what pilots think? We talk to our AVTRIP members hundreds of times a day, creating meaningful relationships while raving about the Avfuel network of locations.

Marketing Team

Benefit from the marketing power of a recognized and trusted global brand. Our marketing team works for you, providing creative strategies.

Risk Management Partner

Avfuel’s in-house insurance subsidiary, Avsurance, is a leader in the provision of aviation-related risk management solutions to FBOs.

Fuel Management Team

Avfuel dispatch is available 24/7/365, ensuring reliable supply. Our logistical experts handle special events and emergencies with ease.

Sales Support

The Avfuel Contract Fuel Sales Team works with you to develop a focused list of prospective flight departments to earn you business.

Equipment Provider/Specialist

Avfuel has built the largest fleet of refuelers in the U.S. with the most experienced mechanical team to handle maintenance and parts.

There are many fuel companies,
but we’re not one of them…

Avfuel is MORE than a fuel company.
It’s a marketing team bringing you heightened visibility and connectivity, delivering real results.
It’s operational assistance, granting you access to industry resources and reliable operations developed over the course of 40+ years of relationship building and problem solving.
It’s a people-first organization, hiring the right group of dedicated personnel to get the job done under one roof. Experts are on standby to assist you.
It’s a collaborative sales team. Our hands-on, nose-to-the-ground sales team directs traffic to your ramp for increased fuel sales.
It’s a training resource. offering comprehensive training resources from safe fuel handling and rampside procedures to customer service best-practices.

Avfuel is the network that helps you succeed every step of the way.

Avfuel is Your network

Discover how Avfuel works for you